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SALDI - seasonal sales in Italy

2020 summer sales: may start earlier or vice versa, reschedule for September.

2020 has become a special year, and given the fact that boutiques in Italy have been closed for more than a month, the start date for summer sales can be changed. If, on the one hand, store owners would like to postpone the start of discounts to September, then manufacturers of goods, on the contrary, want to start sales in June.

The pandemic has radically changed our daily habits. Almost every country in the world was locked down, which forced fashionable business, considered not vital, to suspend its activities, not knowing the date of the resumption. Now that phase 2 seems very close (at least in Italy), fashion stores are thinking of a strategy that needs to be implemented in order to return to normal. Considering that the opening after a forced pause can almost coincide with the start of the sales season, changes can be made to the fashion calendar to move the start of seasonal offers.

Will summer sales be carried over to the end of the season?

Typically, summer sales begin in early July, but 2020 became special due to the emergency caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. Since the boutiques were closed for more than a month, their owners are thinking about changing the calendar of fashion sales. According to them, in the summer all residents will not leave anywhere and will stay at home, so the beginning of discounts this year can be moved to the end of summer, or even to September. As explained in the Corriere della Sera , the idea is to keep prices at a maximum for three hot months, in the hope that the demand for clothing and accessories will increase as autumn approaches. Thus, the fashion calendar can return to its old principles, saying goodbye to the extreme haste of price reductions that we have observed in recent years.

Manufacturers offer to start sales in June

The community of manufacturers of goods expressed bewilderment about the postponement of summer sales. Gabriel Meghnagi , president of the Vie Confcommercio Milano association, personally condemned this idea: “We would like to start sales season already in June because we have accumulated a lot of unsold goods, and we risk staying with them until next year. I'm afraid that after everything that happened, people will not go shopping if there are no discounts.”

In short, contrary to what store owners suggest, discounts can begin much earlier than expected in order to encourage customers who are “morally and financially strained” to make new purchases.

The Republic of Italy is based on labor

Italian proverb "Chi non lavora non fa l'amore" - "Who does not work, does not make love" (© A. Celentano) reflects this principle. The postulate on labor is proclaimed in Article 1 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic (here the original text)
Why all this?
To the fact that constitutional articles on protection of workers, protecting their families' health, raising children, social security of pensioners and other democratic norms are successfully implemented in Italy. In particular, the struggle against monopolists and adventurers in trade is well organized. In 1998, the Government of Italy adopted the Law, regulating pricing and the season of discounts. According to this Law, in different regions of Italy the duration of winter and summer sales are strictly limited, and their period is determined by local authorities.
- What does this law give to manufacturers?
- Steady demand and the realization of the products.
- What does this law give to sellers?
- Quiet trading during the year and a guaranteed sale of surpluses at the end of the season.
- What does it give to customers?
- Allows you to save!


July-September (sale of spring-summer collections) and January-March (sale of autumn-winter collections)